As I sit here on a hot, humid Friday night with my scotch and my laptop (21st century #fail), in a thoroughly air-conditioned room, I try to make myself useful. In this unbearable heat, only a desperate socialite would even think about going out. I, myself, much prefer pointlessly scrolling through the day’s worth of tweets, catching up on the discussions about Google Street View and privacy. Not even sure how old this stuff is, I start to slowly type my thoughts on the subject.

To make my thoughts look more respectable, I organize them in a bulleted list. I will attach a pie-chart later.

  • In case you did not know: between Facebook, professional spammers and the government (not just yours, too), you have no privacy to begin with. The only thing anybody does not know about you is what they don’t care to know about you. So, please come down the high horse and wake up.
  • Google Street View is the most amazing technology we have in 2010 (except maybe for Twitter). If you don’t believe me, check this out: I am sitting on my couch in North America and am browsing streets in Australia. Beat that.
  • Google Street View does not go into anybody’s home. It only captures public places, so just be a decent human being when you are outdoors and you should be fine.
  • Did I mention Street View is a piece of art and a global treasure? Yeap, it is.

With the final score of 4:0, I am all for Google Street View and I think, in this case, Google is the victim: offering a wonderful service for free, getting little gratitude for it.