MacRabbit’s Espresso ( has been my favorite editor for server-side scripting for a while now. I was an avid Coda user before that, and Coda is a fine editor, but I like several features of Espresso better (e.g. large file browser in the center and ability to simultaneously open files from any number of servers).

Espresso is much “younger” than Coda and it was a little behind on language support (and availability of plugins in general), initially. We even had to post a hacking instruction for how to “teach” Espresso Drupal files. (UPDATE: new instructions at:

The situation is much different now. There’s a wonderful abundance of quality plugins now at that work like a charm. We are using Combined Python&Jango, JQuery, YAML and Drupal-PHP sugars and they are simply awesome. To install, all you need is download appropriate tar.gz, unarchive. rename resulting folder so it has extension .sugar and move that to ~/Library/Appplication Support/Espresso/Sugars