We all have come to love and admire jQuery for the amazing Javascript library it is. But we also have fallen in love with numerous extensions to jQuery; plugins, modules - whatever you call ‘em. Most of us, however, just use these goodies and bless the hearts of all wonderful people who make the gems available. Some of us are even a little bit intimidated when we look at all the complicated Javascript-ing going on in the source files… Especially when/if we accidentally look into a minified version ;)

Jokes aside, starting a new jQuery plugin is quite simple. Here is just how easy one could be:

(function($) { 

    // jQuery plugin initialization
    $.fn.irakli = function(conf) {   

This goofy plugin will allow you to invoke irakli() function on a jQuery object. For instance, $(‘div.something’).irakli() will have an alert box pop up.