UPDATE: instructions for Espresso 2.0 at: http://freshblurbs.com/espresso-and-syntax-highlight-custom-file-formats

Espresso From MacRabbit (you may remember them for their splendid CSSEdit eidtor) is a new Web editor, for Macs, worth paying attention to. It handles the usual suspects: PHP, CSS, HTML, servers over SFTP, Amazon S3 etc with style out of the box and has numerous extensions for other things like Python, LUA, SQL, Regular Expressions etc. And it’s only 1.x version, so you bet you can expect much more in coming versions.

One little shortcoming it had, for Drupal developers is that, there’s no easy way to configure custom-for-Drupal PHP extensions: .module and .install to make Espresso recognize these as PHP files.

Joe Shindelar of Dreamformula has posted a nice blog post detailing the configuration of custom PHP extensions in Espresso.

Thank you, Joe!