The official website of the United Nation’s World Food Programme has launched its new, redesigned and re-engineered website, today, in beta mode: The website is now driven by Drupal (woohoo!) and looks pretty cool - a word rarely used in regards with the websites of large, non-profit, international organizations.

We’d like to congratulate everybody who worked hard to make this possible. The team at Phase2 Technology who worked around the clock to make it a reality in Drupal and made sure the website performs well under high traffic loads. The awesome team at The Development Seed who made the website look so stylish, engaging and easy to browse. And of course staff, itself, who were the masterminds and have managed the process brilliantly. A special gratitude goes to Pierre Guillaume Wielezynski for evangelizing open-source and Drupal in the highest levels of the international non-profit world.

From me personally: I have to admit that there was something especially gratifying to work on this site, realizing just how much impact World Food Programme has and how crucial and courageous is what they do.