If you are on the latest version of OS-X Leopard (10.5.6) and Safari (3.2.1) you most probably have encountered the infamous Safari Can Not Keep Cookies problem. You can see from the discussions on Apple.com threads that a lot of people are affected by it, it has been going on for weeks now and there is still no resolution or even acknowledgment from Apple.

This is wrong on many levels. First off - managing cookies properly is a basic feature of a web browser and it’s embarrassing to not get it right. Granted everybody makes mistakes, but after so many people are affected, it’s reported to Apple Software Support line, it’s extensively discussed on apple.com threads - how come nothing is done? How can it go on for so long? After all, Apple does have one of the best software engineering teams in the entire industry. Why is nobody taking any action?

Last, but not least - are Apple employees even using their own software? :) I mean, we are not talking about some weird combination of versions and setups - latest OS and latest browser update do not work! Even if they care little about the end-users, how come this does not affect them? What’s Steve Jobs using? A Windows? :-)

Something’s rotten in the state of Cupertino!