Cooliris is one of these new gadgets that sound cool in somebody’s blog review, but do not live up to an expectation when actually used. Let alone that it is not nearly as useful as it claims to be, Cooliris has been reported to significantly slow down Safari on Macs. Specifically - when viewing FLASH videos like on YouTube. These fellas must have done something terribly wrong.

In any case, the real sad part is - they don’t have any human way of uninstalling it. So here is a quick tutorial of how to remove this weed from your computer and let your Safari breath again:

  • Close Safari
  • Trash the Cooliris Previews folder found in $LIBRARY/InputManagers/)
  • Trash the cooliris’ .plugin file found in $LIBRARY/Internet Plugins

Depending on whether you installed Cooliris for just your user or system-wide, substitute $LIBRARY with /Users//Library or /System/Library.

Hope this works for you, too.