Microsoft has recently awarded a $300M account to a star ad-agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky. Bogusky is like a new icon of the Ad industry, having under the belt such successful projects as Mini Cooper campaign, the revival of Burger King brand image and many others.

Of course, the hypocrisy of the story is that Crispin became successful using all-Mac technologies… And now they are trying to help Microsoft battle Apple. But let’s not go into that. Let’s just think for a second

  • can even the most edgy, “cool” ad agency help Microsoft’s image of the out-of-touch, obnoxious, nerds-run company?

No. And here is one clear example of why. Watch this commercial from 2007 (which was not made by Crispin):

What’s wrong with it? Nothing! It’s actually really good - moderately self-promoting, supposedly facts-based and re-ensuring… Except it’s a lie. A complete lie at that. Yes, the image in the commercial is how Microsoft sees itself, or wants to see itself - long-time innovator and industry enabler, but there are solid facts, experiences of people that prove: the truth is different. When your software sucks, hangs every five seconds and gets on anybody’s nerves that has ever used it - well, commercials can’t help it.

Microsoft execs, write it down: outright lies do not sell!

Advertising is powerful, but it is not almighty. Microsoft’s problems are far serious and deeper than a question of what Ad agency to choose. When are they going to realize it? Ever?