MacBook Air MacBook Air is undoubtedly one of the most revolutionary gadgets released lately. Could even be the most revolutionary one, if not iPhone. Hold! Before you attack my statement about “undoubtedly”, keep in mind - I don’t mean it’s something you should jump on buying. All we mean is that it’s a revolutionary design (with outstanding implementation) that makes a breakthrough in a consumer product class and forces the entire industry segment to make a big leap forward. Now you do have to agree MacBook Air is a revolutionary product.

Anyhoo… That is not what I wanted to write today about. The subjects of the today’s post are the two versions of MacBook Air: the affordable $1,799 one and the insanely expensive $3,098 one. Aside from some other minor differences, the biggest difference between the two, affecting the price is the Solid-State Drive featured in the expensive version. Basically, the cheap one has good, old hard disk, expensive enjoys a disk produced with the technology similar to the one used in Flash drives (found in USB dongles and iPod nanos).

Big question - is it worth it? Honest answer - HELL NO!

There has been a huge propaganda about how SSD is faster, more energy efficient blah-blah. Beware - all of that is a lie! We’ve seen real-life benchmark test results that prove that SSD is not faster. Quite honestly it came as a surprise to us, too, but facts are all out there. StorageMojo published an excellent article, recently giving more details about the situation and their verdict is also - No, no, no!

Don’t waste your money. If you are to buy a MacBook Air - go with the less expensive model. It’s just as good for surfing and other lightweight usages. Go MacBook Pro, if you are planning anything hardcore.