It must be an unhappy day in Redmond, today. A heavy-weight like Gartner bashing your main product is no joke for any software development company, not even for Microsoft.

As Gartner analyst Michael Silver declares:

Microsoft’s Windows juggernaut is collapsing as it tries to support 20 years of applications and becomes more complicated by the minute. Meanwhile, Windows has outgrown hardware and customers are pondering skipping Vista to wait for Windows 7. If Windows is going to remain relevant it will need radical changes….”Windows is too monolithic,” says Silver.

Well, what can we say? It’s long deserved.


P.S. I think a smart move from Microsoft would actually be to base their new operating system on a Unix-compatible architecture. And why not even

  • an open-source one? Just like Apple did. Seriously, if you think about it - every major, modern operating system is Unix-compatible, except Windows. Does not make sense, does it?