It’s official - we are migrating to FCKeditor

A WYSIWYG HTML editor is a necessary part of any Web-based, CMS system. You simply can not expect user audience to be fluent in HTML.

We’ve been using TinyMCE with IMCE (for image upload), in all our Drupal installations, for a long time now. About 2 years ago we did comparison of TinyMCE vs FCKeditor and Tiny came up as an undoubted winner. However, it’s far from flawless and during these years, we’ve had loads of headache dealing with its bugs and frustrated users.

Recently, we re-visited our WYSIWYG editor policy and noticed that FCKeditor has come a very long way during last year. We installed it and immediately saw huge difference in both stability, as well as user-friendliness.

We’ve been using FCKeditor on some of our Drupal installations for some time, now and today we made a final decision to migrate all our installations to FCKeditor. We are using the latest stable release: 2.4.3. We tried the beta release of 2.5.x because this is the first version that supports Safari browser, but unfortunately it’s still too buggy for production use (or Drupal integration is). Hopefully, 2.5 will mature soon, since we are very eager to add Safari support.