There’s been plenty of whining going on the Net about “iPhone does not do this” and “iPhone does not do that”, so I am not going to bore you with all the known shortcomings like: half-ass (even less) bluetooth support, no Flash support, yadda, yadda, yadda. You’ve heard it, you know it.

However, having been using iPhone, for a while, I found couple of new suckers, that I have not seen mentioned elsewhere, yet, so I will annoy you with those.

First of all, aside from all the criticism that very naturally accompanies something so innovative, I must declare - iPhone is an amazing phone and you do want to have it. I know it, you know it, your mom knows it, so - stop pretending. The touch-screen keyboard is extremely usable, very easy to get used to, AT&T Edge is not too slow for a mobile network, zoom and pan finger-gestures are sweet and the screen quality is amazing.

Now, in addition to other goodies, iPhone is capable of displaying MS Office attachments in Mail. However, and this is when we approach the subject of my complaint, for some obscure, unfair and completely unjustified reason you can not view the e-mail attachements in wide-screen. As you were repeatedly shown, when you turn iPhone 90^o^, iPod and Safari re-adjust to display content in wide-screen and give you more horizontal room. Guess what? Does not work for the attachments. No matter how many times and how I turned the iPhone, the Mail attachment viewer kept displaying the Word file vertically. Such a small detail, such a huge disappointment! :(

Oh, and one more thing: in case you missed it, iPhone has no file browser, repeat - none. You can not download anything from the Web, or otherwise store and view later. Wow!