As employees all over the country keep getting fired over their MySpace profiles, one man is trying to get “hired” as nothing less than the President of the United States of America. That’s right, Dennis Kucinich, has a professionally designed MySpace profile with all the bells and whistles that, typically, only music bands or TV shows get.

Mr. Kucinich currently has 10,280 friends, which falls short of John McCain’s 20,173. With all fairness, these numbers are very impressive for a 60 and 70 years old men on MySpace. Yet, both of them get beaten hands down by Hillary Clinton’s two MySpace profiles one with 35,370 friends and another with 41,873. If you ever doubted Hillary’s charms, now you know!

Profiles of Kucinich and McCain seem to be part of their official campaigns, but senator Clinton’s profiles are clearly just fan pages.

Last but not least, a shocking result from Barack Obama - with 161,728 “friends” he beats even U2 at 136,270.