Most of you, probably, already know the whole deal with the Registerfly crisis, so I won't bore you re-telling weeks-old story. I happen to be a misfortunate customer of theirs, too, however. So, I wanted to share some of my experiences that may be helpful if you have domains with them.

Firstly, you have to know that you can not transfer domains from Registerfly. They will not provide AuthCodes. Secondly, for most domains you will experience problems when you try to renew expiring domains.

Now, good luck getting in touch with ICANN. All they've done so far is published a memo describing in detail the situation. That's nice but it does not help at all when you have domains expiring in couple days.

I called ICANN and they provided an e-mail address: authcodes AT_SIGN registerfly dot com. This is an e-mail address that supposedly Registerfly gave ICANN to forward customers with problems to.

I have written to this e-mail but I am not hopeful at all because I have contacted Registerfly customer service several times, over the phone, during the past week. The response was the same all the time: they are having technical difficulties, can not access the system and have NO idea when it will be resolved.

Honestly, the situation is absolutely outrageous and I believe ICANN is as much at fault as Registerfly. They should have never given accreditation to such a messed-up company and right now they are doing next to nothing to help customers.

How about, putting expiry on hold? Or something that would actually help? Good luck finding anything of that kind.