Sun Microsystems is a decent company with arguable marketing strategies. A shiny example of the desperation of their marketing team has recently appeared on the homepage of Sun's Java website:

Sun Web 2.0 Java Ad Honestly, I have no idea why is Sun of such low opinion of its target audience. I would doubt that JEE developer community can not see through the obvious gibberish of the ad.

Seriously, what does Java EE 5 offer to building Web 2.0 applications? Does it come with a set of templates that adhere to the Web 2.0 Culture? Does it even come with a user-interface engine or theming engine that does? (If you comment anything about "JSF", i will ban your IP from this blog, I swear) Does it have some groundbreaking AJAX implementation embedded? Is it Agile to develop in and easy to interface to? Does it even come with an RSS/Atom and OPML parser/generator? Or does it just come with bloated implementations of SOAP and handful of other, modified to the extent of being almost-proprietary, XML-based protocols?

Is that it? OK, but does it make Java EE 5 SOA-ready? Do you mean, consequently it is - Web 2.0?

You know, I believe that you can not sell gibberish to people who understand the subject matter batter than you do and that is what this ad is trying to do, obviously.

The only encouraging thing about the whole story is that I did a quick search and it seems like Sun is actively hiring marketing people, so we can hope this misery will end soon :)