I was looking for a small, nice, light, PHP-based IMAP webmail, today. Open-source, of course. I have been using SquirrelMail for the past couple of years and it was doing a decent job, more or less. For some completely unknown reason it stopped functioning, last week, though. We could still check e-mail but Compose screen would never open anything more than a blank page.

Too lazy to debug 2-years old code, I decided to either upgrade SquirrelMail or find an alternative. That\'s when I got fortunate enough to stumble upon: Round Cube

THIS THING IS AMAZING. Not just as far as webmails go, but it\'s an amazing example of Web 2.0 design and user-friendliness at its best! It\'s one of the most clean, professional code I have ever seen; And the amazingly well-thought through, rich set of features, that the code implements.

Even if you do not need a webmail, you have to see this toy, to once again re-affirm how beautiful, simple, elegant and comfortabel a web 2.0 app can be (there is a demo on the website).

I have no doubt that Round Cube will make a lot of buzz and will soon (give it a year?) become de-facto standard, role-model for webmails.

Two thumbs up!