We went tubing yesterday with some friends.

Of course, I was late to get my butt off home and ended up being an hour late to pick up Olga. She was pissed since other folks had left and supposedly were already at the destination .

Yet, everything happens for a reason. To my luck, these guys managed to somehow get lost., even though they had been there at least 5 times before. They ended up spending more than an hour cruising around and sounded quite confused on the phone. All in all, we  arrived first and Olga was off my back.

The highlight of the drive was some crazy biker who passed me at the speed I have never seen before anybody driving bike at. I checked my speedometer - it showed 120mph. Yet, this dude just flew beside me. He must have been doing 130 or 140 on a bike! Incredible. How do crazy kids like this live to grow up and manage to remain in one piece? It probably has to do with statistics. Enough die, some remain. It\'s all about math, goddammit!

A piece of advice: if you go to Butts Tubes, do yourself a favor and show up early in the morning! When we arrived, we found ourselves in the tail of two incredibly long lines (one to get tickets, another - to get on the bus). Spending 2 hours under blazing sun may be fun for somebody but that definitely ain\'t me.

Between me and Olga, one could make a very organized person. Separately, both of us forget things all the time. I forgot sun-screen. Fortunately she did not. Considering how much time we spent under the sun it was good thing. I paid her back with a towel, later. I knew she\'d forget it so took two with me.

The river was way slow. We had to raw too much and considering I am a lazy bum, in general, I had less fun in the tube. Fortunately, there were a whole bunch of cool rock-islands. We camped on those and enjoyed the wealthy supply of beer we took along in two coolers. It was not that bad, after all. Water, sun and beer is always good. Also, some rocks had deep water and you could jump. That\'s when Marcus lost his cap. I fished it out down the river, later, though

The day did not pass without an accident. Olga lost her sun-glasses under a waterfall and  I forgot to put sun-screen on my legs. Boy, it was burning when I got home! Sun-burn is no joke. I was moaning whole night and barely managed to go to sleep. Still feels itchy but I do not have a feeling of wanting to die to avoid the pain, any more.

In the evening we ended up in some nearby bar. At 9, some local band was supposed to perform. The bar-tender told us, the lead singer was bringing his wife to sing together. Bar-tender thought it was pretty cool but we wisely decided to depart, especially since we were done with foods and drink.

The waitress was kinda cute...