This happened to me today and I thought it was funny enough to share.

So, I am doing a little research on cheap IP Telephony solutions. I know Vonage because they have so much advertising - it just sunk in my mind. But what I also know from the word-of-mouth, anecdotal evidence is that their service is not too reliable or cheap. At least, my impression from what I heard is that they grew so fast, they lacked quality in the process.

I also remember that some of my friends are using a smaller-shop alternative to Vonage that they are very happy with. Unfortunately, I do not remember the name of the service and these friends of mine are not online. So I fall back to Google, of course.

Now, I need to type something sensible. I try "ip telephony" but it returns all the big shots and nothing like what I need.

And then I have this idea - if these guys are good, they must have bought "vonage" as a keyword on Google, eh? So, excited with the thought I type "vonage" in Google and sure \'nough, the company I was looking for shows up as #2 hit.

nice :)