Windows Vista Beta 2 Screenshot (Click to enlarge):


Pros: \ Huge progress in user-interface design compared to Windows XP. More user friendly - I could not help a chuckle to find C:\\Users folder, but it\'s still good. Much richer functionality.

Cons: \ I installed 64 bit version Vista (from my MSND subscription) on my AMD64 dual-core HP m7334n. Vista was unable to detect my wi-fi ethernet card, or audio or TV Tuner. I indicated the "Recovery" folder where all the drivers should reside - still no luck. After I went through the pain of hooking the pc up be a network cable, it was able to install TV-Tuner but still no luck with the audio or wi-fi. THAT REALLY PISSED ME OFF.

Apparently, Microsoft was watching Mac closely and trying to lern stuff. They definitely have made some progress in stealing ideas and Vista looks way better than XP (and way more like OS X) but it\'s still MS and it\'s still shit.

Operating system unable to find all drivers for a new, brand HP desktop? Idiots.