Following are detailed instructions for installing Weblogic 9.1 on OS X Panther.

Download AIX version of Weblogic 9.1 (AIX as that's the generic version of WebLogic, in fact). You can download it from:;=9.1&minor;=0

Run the installation with the following command: \ java -jar server910_generic.jar

it's crucial to indicate parameter. Otherwise, installer will complain about insufficient disk space.

At the end of installation you will be asked whether to run QuickStart. I recommend not to, as it hung on me.

In any case, you need to create a new weblogic domain, first by running: \ ~/bea/weblogic91/common/bin/

Domain creator will ask about JDK. It actually manages to find Apple's one but in case that fails, indicate the following path: \ /System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/CurrentJDK/Home

To run the server, go to the following directory from Terminal: \ ~/bea/user_projects/domains/<domain_name> \ e.g. if your domain name is "base_domain" then go to: \ ~/bea/user_projects/domains/base_domain

and then run: \ ./

Server will try to run on port 7001.

Note: when I first started the server it complained about 7001 being unavailable and ketp shutting down. Later I found a runaway java process listening on 7001. I suspect it was a leftover from the frozen Quickstart crap. I killed all java processes, then tryed started Weblogic and it worked like charm.

When the server starts up, you can access admin console from:http://localhost:7001/console/