iTerm is a nice, open source terminal utility for Mac OS X which has some additional, useful features (e.g. Tabs) over the default Terminal program.

However, if you use your terminal to log into Linux boxes over SSH and then edit files there using "vi" (very typical purpose) - you have to configure key bindings properly or you will get into a lot of pain. The thing is - none of the pre-configured bindings work properly with "vi".

This is what I do:

  • Use "Linux" keyboard configuration as the starting point but edit it as follows:
  • Remove all cursor bindings (e.g. num+left cursor etc.)
  • Remove bindings for "del" and "delete" and substitute them with:
  • del - bind to Hexadecimal 7f
  • delete - bind to Hexadecimal 8

Enjoy, and spread the word for web 2.0 :)