I am not a big TV fan. Tell you the truth - I do not remember the last time I turned on my TV. I should. probably, sell it or donate or smth. but what place better would I put scented candles on? Just kidding :)

Anyway, since iTunes introduced downloadable TV Shows, I have watched some of them. Good way to take a break and gives you another subject to talk on at a bar, so you do not look totally geek :)

I mostly download ABC series (Lost etc.). Then I learned that 2005 Golden Globes award was given to Mary-Louise Parker, from Weeds, for the Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series- Musical or Comedy. That got me interested, but I there is still no way I could watch a series on TV and put up with all that commercials bullcrap. Then iTunes added Weeds to downloadable series and I started watching it.

I've been watching Weeds for a while now, on iTunes. God, it's awesome! Don't let your kids go anywhere near it, if you have kids, but other than that - this series is AWESOME. The most hillarious, the most well-done series I have seen for a loooong time. The acting is pretty damned good, too - quite rare thing in TV series.

Just check it out. If this is your kind of thing - you are gonna love it. Two bucks per show ain't that much, honestly.P.S. Almost forgot - Weeds soundtrack kicks ass.