One of the major reasons I got iMac Core Duo was the Split Personality I was starting to develop having to chose between my most favorite "toys": PowerBook G4 and IntelliJ IDEA. While Mac is the only worthwhile computer, to me, and I really enjoy the mobility of a PowerBook, I have recently gotten addicted to IntelliJ\'s awesome Java IDE and can not imagine developing anything in Java without it.

The catch is - IntelliJ IDEA does not really work on a PowerBook G4. Let me be more specific: it is so slow, it is useless for any practical use. Now, whoever\'s fault it is - that\'s the fact and it was really poisoning my PowerBook experience.

Since I am a Java hacker, most of the time, you get an idea how serious my clinical condition was getting.

Long story told short - I have been using IntelliJ on my new iMac Core Duo, for a while now, and I am delighted. Works flawlessly and gives an absolute best experience for Java development. And, oh, yeah - I think I have less of Split Personality, now :)

P.S. I would just suggest that you be careful with what plugins you install. There is some plugin that screws up IntelliJ on Mac. It happened several times to me and I had to wipe out (including preferences and application support stuff) IntelliJ to get it work, again. I was not able to hunt this plugin down. I had a whole bunch just installed, each time it happened. Just be careful. It\'s one of the cool plugins, apparently since I was tempted to install it, not once but several times. Yet, it is not one of the crucial ones, since I am very happy with the bunch I have right now (JBoss, SVN, CVS, Groovy plugins are all fine).