I have long been bitching about how slow TVs are adopting Internet. Just scarce teasers really does not fly. And, voila, here is a Net-based TV station: Mobuzz . Honestly, it\'s more like a video podcast, right now, but I like the fact, per se. I really want, ideally, all TVs to move to broadcasting on the Net as their  primarilymedium of delivery. It just makes sense. And to think about what TV stations could do with your personomies, if they were broadcasting online is incredible.

As for Mobuzz. It\'s kinda fun, nothing too serious. The anchor is quite hot  and cute. That\'s good. Her voice cracks periodically, though. Or she\'s having a permanent cold with caughing   She might want to work on that a little bit.

All in all - fun and nice. Cheers to Mobuzz