Now, I am not a designer, not even a web designer but I am a web developer. Therefore, I can not ignore the CSS revolution. It is, definitely, no breaking news that designing with HTML tables and 1 pixel "clear" gifs is a thing of far past. Alas, too many websites still hold to bad old way. I decided not to be one of those old-timers about a year ago and that\'s when my search for enlightement began.

Now, it was not an easy path. First, as I mentioned, I am not a designer so it was not high on my priority list, second - I had real hard time finding a good book that would make the learning curve less steep. I think I tried all the CSS books available. Most of them ended up beeing language references of some kind. None of them too useful. There was more on the Net than in these books. Not much on the net, either, though. At least - not easily available.

And then, today, while looking for something entirely different at Borders, I ran into Zen of CSS Design book. I loved it. Well structured, well written, written by a person who clearly knows what he is talking about. The information is very concise and to the point. And, last but not least - the book quality is awesome.

If you want to learn more about semantic, CSS-based page design, you should check this book out.

Two thumbs up.