Jonathan Shwartz of Sun claims that Sun\'s Niagara project will be available Q1, 2006:

"Real soon now (we\'ve said January, but there is that holiday rush to think about), we\'ll be introducing our new Niagara-based product line. As I discussed a while back, Niagara is our internal code name for a radical shift in computing, and a redesign of SPARC. Niagara systems take the concept of dual core processors (with which most of you are familiar), and goes to an absolute extreme - building 8 cores, each capable of running 4 jobs simultaneously (4 threads), onto a single chip. Doing the math, we\'ll be delivering a 32-way chip, running 9.6GHz, which sips power (about 70 watts). On performance-per-watt metrics, we believe we\'ll be a factor of 5 better than what IBM just announced. A factor of 5."

And according to him, it is built for plain, old Solaris, so (we can assume) - no worries to run Java apps on it flawlessly.

Very interesting... Let\'s see, January is not too far away :)