Following is a joke I heard today. No doubt it's a variation on a very old theme, but still quite funny, IMHO:\r \ \r \ A taxi driver picks up a nun and can’t stop staring at her. “I must tell you something, Sister, but I am afraid to offend you,” he says. \r \ \r \ “Go on, my dear son, you can’t offend me,” the nun replies. “I've seen and heard a lot in this life.” \r \ \r \ “I’ve always fantasized about french-kissing a nun,” the cabbie admitted. \r \ \r \ “Well, you have to be single,” the passenger replied, “and Catholic.” \r \ \r \ Excited, the guy behind the wheel howled, “Yes, Sister, I’m single, and I’m Catholic too!” \r \ \r \ “Okay, then,” the nun murmured. “Pull into the next alley!” \r \ \r \ The cabbie complied, and the nun slipped him her tongue. But while pulling out of the alley, he started crying. “You got your kiss,” the nun remarked. “What could be wrong?” \r \ \r \ “Forgive me, Sister, for I have sinned,” the taxi driver confessed. “I lied. I’m married, and I’m Jewish.” \r \ \r \ “That’s okay,” chuckled the person in the backseat. “My name is Kevin, and I’m on my way to a Halloween party.”