Recently, I stumbled upon They have got some REAL nice toys in their toolbox, I must say. I was impressed. Actually, except ExQ I quite loved all of them. I don\'t see the value of ExQ since I am a big believer in Hibernate but if you are still in the age of raw SQL - maybe you will find ExQ useful, too. \ \ But other projects are real, real cool. I have been looking for an OOC JNDI for a while, now. Arbor XML Processor is nice, too. I\'ve begun using JRat and find it very useful for JDK1.4 projects because of its significantly low overhead (as opposed to OptimizeIt, JProbe et al). I will definitely look into joCache. Just by description it looks like it could be JBossCache done right :-)

All of the products are very user-friendly and comfy to use.

Two thumbs up to ShiftOne!