I played around with Komodo today, and I must say - I am impressed!. I imported one of my PHP projects in it and messed with it. I was very, very delighted with the capabilities of Komodo.

I am a Mac addict and on Macs I have tried Zend studio. It was the best I could get on Mac but I still had so many things I hated about how it worked that I never bought it and just decided TextWrangler was not as much worse as to pay for Zend. I am almost sure I will buy Komodo (will play around little more, still have some time on beta license).

Some major things I loved:

  1. Clean, very friendly and nicely integrated UI (not true for Zend)
  2. Very compact and usable project navigation bar
  3. Ability to see the code structure (methods, variables) of a PHP code
  4. Support for both CVS and Subversion (Zend does not have Subversion support and I was never able to make CVS support work either)
  5. Regular Expression Toolkit is awesome!
  6. I was able to create a macro for generating bean setters and getters, 5 minutes after I installed Komodo (never could do in Zend and it really consumes a lot of time, to create these setter/getters manually if you try OO in PHP)
  7. Ability to collapse/expand parts of code
  8. Runs smoothly

the only "negative" thing to be said is that - it took Komodo a while to add PHP, TCL, Python (those I chose) analyzators after installation. But it does that only once, so - who cares.

Well done! Awesome IDE!