I keep being amazed how some fairly large and visible companies still operate as if they were in 19th century. Today\'s grand-prize winner is Corel corporation.

FACT: You can not buy any of Corel\'s software products online!

The whole world is selling software online. You can buy any Jack and Joe\'s program but - Corel? Naaah, they really need to produce these useless boxes and put some, even more useless, paper in it and make you wait for days while it gets delivered. What do we cut woods for? So that Corel can send us lousy boxes? I refuse to accept this nonsense! I mean, Corel executives must be real morons to be in such bad financial shape when they\'ve had such amazing products for so many years, but the magnitude of their complete idiocy became apparent only today, to me.

Rock on, dudes! Why don\'t you get out of software business, altogether and begin selling toilet paper?