Google seems to have developed Mac OS X version of Gmail Notifier, too. That\'s nice and good but I do not see it having any additional features compared to the GMail Status that I have been using for a long time, now. Actually it looks so similiar, I would get pissed off, if I was the developer of GMail Status (unless Google paid him, which I do not know if they did).

However, one thing that both of this apps are lacking is the ability to indicate the browser they will open GMail in. Now, why do I need it? Because my browser if choice is Safari, without any doubt but, alas, it has issues (yea, even after last update :-( ) with GMail. So I would like GMail to open in Firefox, but I have no desire to make Firefox my default browser.

Something very simple but is not present in either of those nice tools. I wonder if people use programs they wrote, themselves and if they do - how come they do not experience the same problems? :P