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Compiling QT3 on POSIX

When compiling a QT3 distribution on a unix system, there are several switches I would rather modify from their default values. For example, by default QT compiles in shared mode. Now, now - do you really want to send somebody an application you compiled and get cursed because that user does not have libraries your application requires? I am all for static compilation, hell with shared libraries! Then, I think GIF support is nice and thread support is a must. No idea why Trolltech guys have them disabled in the default.

All-in-all, here is the configure I use on my Mac: \

 ./configure -static -qt-gif -thread

P.S. Please, note that this still does not enable database (sql) support and since you are compiling statically if youwill need to work with a database, you will have to recompile.

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