It makes me sick to stomach to see what is happening with the Java Web Frameworks. Sun and other vendors shamelessly push JSF down the customers throats and they swallaw it without as much as a word of a protest. JavaServer Faces is a piece of crap! It has its rotten roots so deep in Struts - saying Struts is the history and JSF is the future - ain't even funny! There is no community spirit, really. It's all about vendors and their buddy CTOs in corporate world, who buy from their buddies.

This just sucks. I so much hope Howard will be able to pull it off, like Gavin did with Hibernate, but I just don't see it happening yet. Such a shame! Tapestry is soooo much better than the joke of all frameworks  - JSF! I am very dissapointed with JBoss, too - standing behind JSF. It is becoming just another corporate vendor - that's what is going on. Too bad!