Steve Jobs made a Keynote presentation at WWDC today. Regardless whether I like that Apple is switching to Intel processors vs. Power line or not is  a different story but the thing that has been proven, once again, for me is - Steve is a genius! Absolute, complete, incredibe.

Having been developing Mac OS X for Intel, too, “just in case”, all this time? Being apple to screw IBM up and deep like that? When IBM tried to screw around with them (possibly, not without the help of the Redmond company) turning around and telling Big Blue to go … themselves? And not just saying that bu having everything ready to jump to a completely different architecture? I like that!

I hate Vendor Loc-In (well, maybe only when it\’s not me a vendor, but anyway). That\’s where all the evil was born from and if somebody has any common sense - that\’s the first thing to avoid. Makes sense? And how many, out there, do avoid? Steve did. I bet he may have SPARC version of Mac OS X hidden somewhere, too :)

Kudos, Steve! You are my role-model!