Sometimes people try too hard and end-up doing plain stupid things. One of such things ruined my day, today.

XMLHttpRequest is very cool and AJAX is cool and it is awesome that all four major browsers (IE, Mozilla/Firefox, Opera, Safari) have support for it, in their latest versions. That’s unusually good, but Safari and Opera teams still managed to screw up.

XMLHttpRequest has getResponseHeader() method defined in its API. Neat! But look, now, what Safari and Opera developers did: they restricted any headers except those that are pre-defined in the HTTP Protocol. For what f…in reason, if I may ask? Headers carry for meta-information. The goddamned web-servers allow me to set arbitrary header labels, so who asks lousy browser developers to restrict the list? What am I supposed to do now - transfer meta information in the body of the response? This is completely INSANE! I mean - if there was any security issue involved

  • so be it, but there is none! It is just plain stupid and trying to be a smartass, ending up being just a huge pain in the ass.

I AM SO PISSED OFF. It sucks so much - I am ready to forget about supporting Opera (I do not like it anyway), but what beats me is that Safari has the same crap :’( I would hate my AJAX implementation to be incompatible with Safari - not that they do not deserve it tho.

Sooooooooo stupid!!!!!!!!!!