Doug has blogged about the new movie - Closer, recently.

I guess, he did not like it much, and since I trust his movie taste (and since I was REAL busy), I did not get it. Today, I was shopping at Costco and ran into Closer\’s DVD. Well, I really love Natalie Portman and respect Julia a lot, so curious to see what was so, quote, “badly-tasting” in this well-awarded (2 Golden Globes, 2 Oscar nominations) film, I grabbed it, immediately.

The movie is very well done. That, by the way, was in the quote Doug posted, too: “while his work, the script and especially the work from the four leads is solid to terrific, I just wish that their characters and the overall film didn\‘t leave such a bad taste in your mouth and/or lead to the urge to shower after watching it due to all of the ugliness that\’s present.” I can not agree to the “ugliness”, part though. I would not expect SreenIt! to look only for bright colors in a movie. That would be too stupid. So what did they find so “ugly”?

I guess, it is a matter of - whether you can relate to the story, in the movie, or not.

If you married your college sweetheart, and lived happily ever after - it may seem “dirty”, but not everybody is that lucky :) Things happen in life. Hey, life _is_ dirty itself. So, why should cinematograph try to brighten-up the reality? I do not like phony movies, much. \

So, my final verdict - two thumbs up. Very well done, and did not seem like a movie, you need to shower afterwards, to me :)