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Which FM Transmitter for your iPod?

I have an iPod Mini and my car only has a CD-Player, no mp3 player. Also, a lot of my music is in AAC format, nowdays, as I became a regular on the iTunes music store. So, the obvious choice was to hook-up my iPod Mini to my car stereo. Since I do not have a cassette stereo (the car is too new for that archaism), I need an FM transmitter.\r \ \r \ I first tried Griffin iTrip Mini, because it was soooo advertised. IT SUCKED. To set a channel, you need to install some stupid beeping "audio" files on your iPod. Changing a channel (which you may need often as almost all frequencies are used-up in modern cities) is a pain and that "audio" channel files get in your way all the time, causing stupid beeping in the middle of listening to your music. And yes - it managed to block the HOLD switch, so I could not use it any more while iTrip was plugged in. Overall - I HATED IT. I hated it so much - I gave up using my iPod as my car stereo.\r \ \r \ Then, today, I got MacAddict AirPlay and I loved it! That\'s the way it is supposed to be! It does not block my Hold button, it does not need any installation (leave alone stupid audio frequency files), it has a screen which shows me current frequency used and if I will so - there are two buttons clicking which I can switch a frequency in just a snap! And the same model works with all iPods (regular, mini and even shuffle) - not true for the idiotic iTrip.\r \ \r \ Awesome! Highly recommended.\r \

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