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Tungsten T5 rocks.

I\'ve been wondering which handheld to get, for a couple of months, now. Windows-based crap is out of question, of course. I got rid of the Redmond parasites on desktop, why would I want it in my pocket? Unfortunately, Apple does not produce handhelds, any more. Neither do they show any sign to do so.\r \ \r \ So I was wondering, mostly, about the choice between different PalmOne products: Zire, Tungsten and Treo. Treo has a huge advantage of being a smartphone - you can plug you SIM card in and no need for a cell phone! Both Zire and Treo have a built-in camera. Tungsten, on the other side, has the largest, the best screen, higher CPU and is very slick and sexy :)\r \ \r \ Being an aesthetics freak, I went for Tungsten T5. Could not resist its cool look, Well, and, also - I do have a Nokia 6230 (which I have no intention to get rid of), so that, kindof, makes up for what Tungsen misses - I can connect Tungsen with my Nokia via bluetooth. I am using Nokia 6210 driver, though. Hope to find the proper one for 6230.\r \ \r \ There are Wi-Fi extension slot for Tungsen and you can by a GPS package - GPS Unit, windshield-holder, car-charger and TomTom software. Considering that I already use TomTom (as a standalone car GPS system) and totally love its software - that sounds very good to me. I guess I am gonna buy the kit and get rid of the car GPS.\r \ \r \ Almost forgot: Tungsen T5 is fully compatible with Macs, comes with the installation CD for Mac and lots of goodies on it. Well, not surprisingly - Apple store is where I bought it :P :)\r \ \r \ P.S. There\'s IBM J2ME for Tungsten T5: (it also runs on the latest ZIre and Treo, tho)

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