As much as I love everything Apple (yes, it is an addiction and a lethal one) I can not stop "admiring" the level of stupidity of sales people at the Apple Stores. Well, as usual - most of them, of course - it is always unfair to trash people as a whole group, even if you are talking about Apple Store sales guys :D One good thing I can say about them - they still do not manage to suck as much as the Online Store morons, do :)\r \ \r \ Anyways, yesterday I got fortunate to observe a very interesting conversation between a store employee and a customer. The customer was a hard-core PC guy, who, apparently, got interested in Macs and was wondering if it made sense for him. Well, if you have ever been to an Apple store, you know that it is hard to leave it untouched and if you run into a really motivated person who can bullshit you (heh) for 20 minutes - you are done. Now, the Apple Store employee girl was none of those (neither motivated, nor knowlegable) so the conversation was not going as well as it should have and I kept watching it (yes, it is unpolite) getting annoyed.\r \ \r \ At one moment the customer asked if there was a popup-blocker available. The answer he got was "no, we do not need it because popups come from spyware and there is no spyware on Macs". Oh, God! First, popups do not come from spyware, second - both Safari and Mozilla/Firefox have popup blockers, OF COURSE! When the girl went on and suggested the poor guy that he should buy .Mac account because it comes with a free antivirus (well, THAT is really unnecessary) - my heart could not take that much and I left...\r \ \r \ Duuuuuuuuuude, just because you have real cool sh..t does not mean that people who sell them can suck badly!\r \ \r \ P.S. A friend of mine, recently, bought a new Powebook 15" and it appeared to be defect. When she took it to the service store, they told her - they are very surprised because, such thing has never happened in their experience. Give me a break! :D Never? So, how long have they been there? Like one week? Ahhhhhhhhhhh\r \ \r \ \r \