ThoughtWorks has been known for two things: First, that\'s where the modern maestro and guru of Java - Martin Fowler works at. Second, that\'s the creator of the CruiseControl continuous integration suite.\r \ \r \ Thoughtworks has delivered the third member of the trinity: Selenium - an automated functionality-testing engine for web-applications.\r \ \r \ Having such tool for a web-development greoup is priceless. I have been pushing Doug to buy a SilkTest license, for quite some time, now. SilkTest has been one of the leaders in the area. Unfortunately, Doug is being, for what seems to me, overly cautious (I am not gonna say, "greedy" as he may read this post LOL. Just kidding) sometimes so it never happened.\r \ \r \ Selenium is open-source. That\'s good news. I think it is, probabely far from SilkTest, yet (just a guess, did not have a chance to look at it, yet) but knowing ThoughtWorks, I guess it will not take them too long to make it a nice tool.\r \ \r \ Wonderful! Considering that our QA-to-be guy will, probably, not know neither SilkTest, here is a chance to adopt something for free (yeah, I know it\'s not like "in beer", but it usually is).\r \ \r \ Kudos to ThoughtWorks.