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Eclipse + JBoss IDE rulez!

I have first tried Eclipse 2 years ago, and totally hated it :) Since JBoss released its integrated JBoss IDE package, based on Eclipse, it has become interesting, again and I installed them on my Mac. It has become especially important as my Mac Mini, as much as I love it, does not have much resources and an IDE that goes easy on resources is good.\r \ \r \ I was very impressed with JBoss features. You can smoothly launch and debug your web application inside the IDE itself. Yes, I have used similiar features in both JBuilder and InteliiJ IDEA (this one is definitely not for a limited-resources machine like Mini, if you are working on a large server application) but the truth is - they are nowhere close to what JBoss IDE can provide. Just change a line of code in your java files, you do not even need to explicitely rebuild if everything is set up correctly, refresh page - and you will see your changes. No server restart, no hussle!\r \ \r \ rulzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz\r \ \r \ I guess I am gonna stick with JBoss IDE/Eclipse from now on (and until something better appears -if, heh).

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