I am getting more and more inclined to think that an idea of successful, pure-J2EE architecture is like Communism - too good to be true. To implement a perfectly designed J2EE architecture (assuming it can be designed as such) a perfect imlementation team is needed. Do we ever get such? And if we do - does not it cost too much?

I guess the point here is to simplify. Simplicity has long been known as the best choice. Java front-end is not simple - oh, NO! We all know what is simple and best - PHP. It\’s not so theoretically, it has been proved by years of successful experience of the immense amount of people. But.. PHP does not have enough muscle, Java does. So, why not use each of them where they are at their best? PHP - Frontend, Java - middle tier. Especially that JCP is already looking into it: \


The only question is - is PHP ready for this? I am not sure.

Well, maybe in the next project :) \