Windows Script Encoder from Redmond is distributed as an IP-protection tool. Yet, even on the MS site, it is clearly noted that the tool can only obfuscate a script from a “casual viewer”, not from a hacker. I would wonder - why create a tool like that, at all, then? But the Redmond-based company has always been so good at producing an-actually-hacker\’s tools and presenting them as something usefull. The way this tool is used the most, IMHO, is by the trojan-authors, especially email-trojan specialists, obfuscating their stupid VBscript crap.

Anyway, if you recieve a rubbish like that in your email box and are curious enough to wonder what the code actually was, there is a decryptor you can download and use (now, this one is, actually, useful different from its counterpart from Redmond): \

Tested - tool works just fine.

P.S. I wonder what qualifies as being a “hacker” for Microsoft? Finding this tool or being able to run it?

P.P.S I do not care about warning you that you should not use this tool on the copyrighted scripts and using it for reverse-engineering. First - because it is your problem, then - because copyrighted material is protected neverthless if it is encrypted or not, third - I am not sure using the stupid tool from MS even qualifies as encryption, hence where is the “reverse-engineering” in there?